For those who know me, knows that I am not a very emotional person, my emotions hide away deep under my skin, emotionally retarded if you will. So how do I explain in words that my wish just came true? A moment I have been longing for, for over a decade has just come true,  I am left numb.
A bunch of geniuses called Linkin Park has managed to put the words to my emotions, helping me cope with my trials and tribulations, pulling me out of my darkness. They have been with me through my highs and lows, where love and friends were few at times their music helped me to deal with my inability to express myself.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet with them, really heartbroken as I would have loved to express my gratitude to them, I would have probably burst out crying, and Leanne doesn’t cry!!!. I did however manage to get myself in the photo-pit right in front of the stage for the first 3 songs.
Utterly overwhelmed, I had to do a few things simultaneously, take stunning pics! Rock out! Take in the moment, I was 1m a away from my rock idols! I stood in awe and I felt a tear run down my cheek….
They exceeded all of my expectation, brilliant awesome and stupendous are all understatements. I don’t think I will ever, unless they visit SA again, experience such a revolutionary moment in my lifetime! Unless Freddie Mercury miraculously jumps onto a stage!
To all of the SA fans in the stadium, you guys rocked! When the skied filled with lights I was standing in awe of you the fans!
I walked away with my prize, photos that will immortalise this moment!
Did I forget to mention that we got rained on. Hailed on, was soaking wet, lost half of my ticket! Luckily I found it!!!   Hahaha Priceless! And all worth it!!!
Linkin Park you define rock!! I Love you, Chester, Mike, Mr Hann, Brad, Rob & Dave! And yes you absolutely deserve the EMA best rock group award!!!! And a Special thanx to Adam Ruehmer for helping me with my camera 🙂

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  1. WOW!!! I could almost have written this piece to describe how I felt being able to listen to them LIVE!!! thanks for sharing your stunning photos with us.

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