Morgan’s Boswell Wilkie Circus Party!!!!!

If I have to say so myself….. THIS PARTY RULED!!!! Morgan’s Circus party was the BOMB!

Thank you so much my good friend Monique Carroll, and partner at Photobunga  for taking the photo’s they are FAB!!!

I highly recommend the Boswell Wilkie Circus  in De deur of the R59. Grown ups and kids had a blast! Morgan was the bell of the ball and was lifted high into the air, yes she looked a bit nervous but BOY was she proud of herself!!!! Weeks after she still tried to do magic but had to tell her nicely it was circus magic! So obviously she wants to go back 🙂

For more info go to www.circus.co.za and invite the parents and go big! You will not regret it 🙂 🙂


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