Modelling Tips!

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Modelling Portfolio Tips


-Swimwear (a must!)



-Smart casual




Make-up and hair:

You need to change this at least 3times. So if you look at the clothing you need to adjust the hair and make-up accordingly. Light and Dark make-up


Facial expressions

– Happy/ Spunky

– Aggressive/ Assertive/ seriousness

– Sexy/ sultriness

– curiosity

– attentiveness

– mischievousness

– Anything else you can think of Also don’t always just look directly at the camera.



Its very important that you have all of the above in different poses. From lying on the floor to standing.

If you have beautiful hands/feet/hair ensure you have pics to flatter these areas.

3 * Headshots

3 * Full length (one of which must be in swimwear)

3 * 3/4 shots

3 * some in betweeners

***** Even the lighting and background must change a bit. So you can take some shots outside as well in the studio.


Ideally you want 12-15shots in the portfolio. All photos must be A4 size. The trick is now to mix and match all of the above. So that you have something of everything in the portfolio. A fancy flip-file with a nice cover makes for a good portfolio case.


Hope this helps!


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