Picturesque joined Camerastuff on 2 fun filled outings. The first one was in the middle of Johannesburg on a rooftop and the other on  the top level parking area of the pick m pay in Craighall Park.
We had several lovely models posing for us and wait… did you spot me too! Yes I played model as well hehe!
The black dress I modeled in was amazing! The weather was spot on for a change, nothing worse than rainy windy weather on a photoshoot blegh!
Conrad and I walked away from the photoshoot with more than enough great images and I am sure you can agree, it was a day well spent!

My sexy boyfriend Paul posed for us on the rooftop as well as Conrad’s beautiful girlfriend, Cindy. It’s such a pleasure having your loved ones share in your passion. We also had a sexy couple posing for us, Wessie and Jennifur, both of them spend more time in the gym than sleeping…. well how else are you going to look so good!??

My poor companion, my beauty dish fell a few times on the ramp of the parking lot and I just saw batteries flying! But nothing damaged thankfully, I love my dish 🙂 it might not be round anymore but it still works 110%

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