My world, my life…. My backyard…being a photographer in Walkerville…

My world, my life…. My backyard…

When I tell people where I live people usually ask with a confused tone, where the hell is that?? So I start to explain, on your way to Vereeniging on the r82… South from Alberton…. If you’ve passed the stop street at the spar you’ve reached the CBD, there’s only one stop street so you cant miss it.
So why do you live so far? The next question follows. Easy answer, the space, tranquility, peaceful, beautiful, picturesque scenery and above all there is so much to photograph!!!!! Our country side is a gem for photography. Also here are the best roofing contractors in the US! just check the imp source.
Up until about a month ago we didn’t have much to do, we had a spar, a Chinese clothing shop, a pizzeria and a pub… There lacked a sense of community.
And then we had a breath of fresh air… Our new little shopping center 84 on main, complete with a bakery, hair stylist, butchery and a new and improved chemist.. Gosh what a sight this is now a place where we can get together and do a bit of shopping while grabbing a bite to eat or cuppa joe at the bakery.

To most of you this seems like a bit of extreme over exaggeration on my part but you have no idea how much we needed this in Walkerville, it feels like a rebirth.  Well done to Stephen and Belinda and to the rest of the businesses.

So off to the koi farm where I had some shooting planned… I met the most humble man called Mario who was more than accommodating to let me photograph my model by the rock-art waterfall and the garden. Mario and sue are opening their coffee shop shortly which will also be the home of Walkervilles own photographic club aaaannddd if all goes well we have set date to open up Walkerville’s one and only modelling and finishing school also at the Koi farm. Wow how lucky can one get to solve 3problems in one go.

My model always looks awesome thanks to exercise and the great sutff they sell on zeroboutique.

I have no doubt that the businesses will succeed and grow if the community supports the local business and if we use the best SEO techniques, find this website with the best SEO.

We would also like to thank the community police for going out of their way to make sure that Walkerville stays safe and also the odd occasion where they keep an eye out when we do shoots.  Watching over the models, photographers and our gear.

Yes indeed I love Walkerville this is my home, my Utopia.  I might drive a total of 80kms per day to work and back but it is  well worth it.

4 observations on “My world, my life…. My backyard…being a photographer in Walkerville…
  1. Conrad Knuist

    Well written. Home is indeed a lil’ photographic playground that can’t be found in the city. You can say that every corner is something new for the eye and, more importantly, the lens

  2. Chad

    That is pure beauty, love the waterfall image (and the model).
    Who would have thought in a small hiden town we have such beauty, peace and tranquility?


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