Lighting Modifiers

ShareSharePinTweet0 SharesLight Modifiers Reflector domes These are short tapered metal fittings to fit on the front of the studio light and come as a standard accessory with the studio light. They protect the flash tube from damage and distribute light evenly. Softboxes Softboxes come in many shapes and sizes and provide the studio photographer with […]

Choosing the right backdrop

ShareSharePinTweet0 SharesThe Background There are plenty of backdrop options available on the market today. All of which have their own benefits and downfalls. There are many things to consider – Size, portability, affordability, durability and intention of use. Again, with most things photographic – It’s up to the photographer. Different types of Backdrops Cotton Backdrops […]

Strobist: in 5 easy steps

ShareSharePin2Tweet2 Shares  You have decided to take your photography to the next step and get your flash off-camera. What are the key products to look at to complete your strobist setup? Light Source This will be your light source. It could be a Speedlite or battery-operated strobe light.    Trigger set You need to get […]

Different types of triggers for flashes

ShareSharePin6Tweet6 Shares Different types of triggers for flashes HSS, TLL, or Manual, what’s the fuss all about? HSS, TTL and manual modes on speedlights will be explained in theory and practice in this exciting workshop. Why HIgh sync shutter speed should be top of mind when purchasing triggers and receivers.   What are triggers and […]

What you need to set up a photography studio

ShareSharePin3Tweet3 SharesWhat you need to set up a photography studio It’s time to set up your first studio but what type of lights are best for your style and more importantly — your wallet? See the comparisons, benefits, and drawbacks of flash and continuous lighting. Start on the right foot and get the right type […]

7 Weird tricks to get creative photos

ShareSharePinTweet0 Shares 7 Weird tricks to get creative photos Ever wondered how wedding photographers get some super creative photos? Here are some easy tricks to spice up your images.  Before I get into this please note that most of these tricks are achieved with a Speedlight at the back of the couple and an assistant […]

Why Shoot With Constant Lights

ShareSharePin2Tweet2 Shares Why shoot with constant light I recently had the opportunity to work in the studio with some awesome models and a talented makeup artist. The challenge was that instead of flash, I would only work with continuous LED lights. This was a bit out of my comfort zone.  Soft light The light was […]

3 Reasons I Love Catchlights

ShareSharePin1Tweet1 Shares 3 Reasons I Love Catchlights The twinkle in the eye!  When you watch a movie or look at a photograph the catchlights play an integral role in setting the mood. We all know that when photographing a portrait the eyes should be sharpest and the focus of the image.  The eyes are the […]

Dealing with a difficult client

ShareSharePin2Tweet2 Shares You are not going to please everyone all the time, you are not chocolate. You will have 10 clients with no issues…  then you will have that one that flips your whole day upside down. Your client just messaged and they are not happy with their photos. It feels like the earth is […]

I fell out of love with my Camera… How I got the spark back

ShareSharePin1Tweet1 SharesI fell out of love with my Camera… How I got the spark back Back in 2015, I went through a rough patch in my personal life. It got so bad that I would have a panic attack during shoots, before or after. I went into a depression, I could not focus and very […]