Meet my stunning cousin Chante 😀

She is an absolute stunner and such a cutie, beautiful inside as well as out. She came to my studio an absolute amateur model and left a bit wiser to the modeling world. She has been to our studio a few times after this shoot and she keeps on getting better and prettier…  you can see we are family heheh ok maybe when I was 10years younger lol

We did this shoot for a workshop we started running back in 2011. How to create a modeling portfolio workshop. It’s not always the easiest thing in the world to work with people. You can know your camera like the back of your hand but if you dont know to pose a model you are going to fall flat in your face. I started attending a modeling school when I turned 12 and I have never looked back and said that my 9years of modeling was in vain, it was the stepping stones to my photography career and I will always be greatful to my parents for supporting me.