About me and my family….

About me and my family….

This obsession with the camera is like a virus, creeping through our bloodlines. My grandad Gerald Mew was the owner of a Bio scope in his own backyard back in the black and white days (private joke) in South Hills, My mom made all of the siblings dress up so that she could take fantasy pics of them on her Polaroid. My fascination started in front of the lens while i was doing modeling and then landed up behind the camera when I was 21 back in 2004 i think…. Seems like a life time ago..  shooting models and weddings I discovered a peace  to my always active mind.
My daughter Morgan has truly been my inspiration and guidance (even if she is only 5 in August)  everything I do is for her and to give her a better life.

2008 Conrad, my bother, starts stealing my camera to take pics of the pets, and this is where i discovered his unique and hidden talent. There and then i roped him in and we formed Picturesque. Together we tackle every avenue of photography each bringing our own talents and strengths  to the party.
We are a yin and yang.

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